Biochemistry Research

Research is an integral part of any science education.  As a biochemistry major, you will be encouraged to begin your research experience with a faculty member early in your second year.  After developing skill and gaining comfort at the bench, you will be asked to design and complete a research project for credit over your Junior and Senior years.   The development and execution of this project will occur through the guidance of a faculty member and involve peer interaction afforded by a two-term sequence of research courses.  During the first term, you will write and present your research proposal. In the second term, you will conduct the research, write a paper, and present a poster at Wartburg’s Undergraduate Research Poster Session. Many students carry out their research project with a partner(s) and have presented their work at national conferences. Click on the homepage of any of the faculty members listed below to discover ongoing biochemical research at Wartburg College.

Summer Research
Wartburg biochemistry majors are encouraged to add to their research training by completing off-campus summer research projects. Wartburg biochemistry majors have recently conducted summer research at the Mayo Clinic, Iowa State, University of Iowa, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Minnesota Hormel Institute, University of Missouri Medical Center, St. Louis University, Carnegie Institute in Washington, D.C., University of Arkansas, University of Colorado Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania, University of North Carolina, and Northwestern University.

Shawn Ellerbroek

Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry, Ralph E. Otto Endowed Professor in Chemistry

J. Keith McClung

Professor of Biology

Stephanie Toering Peters

Associate Professor of Biology

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