Biochemistry Students Speak Out

"Through Wartburg's Biochemistry major, I have been fascinated by learning about the delicate balance of life and how it works on the chemical level. I've reached a level of understanding essential life processes beyond simply knowing about them. This approach has given me a strong foundation to pursue further studies in medical school."

Stephanie Egts (2006)
Medical Student
University of Iowa

"Wartburg strives to prepare its students for life after college. In my case, life after college has been graduate school. Preparation in the biochemistry program enabled me to participate in three undergraduate research experiences outside of Wartburg, so I could really be certain that research was my "thing." Once here, I was able to breeze through first-year classes because of the education I received in both chemistry and biology at Wartburg. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing about my decision to attend Wartburg, and I feel that it prepared me quite well for what I am doing now."

Dr. Kasandra Riley (2002)
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry
Yale University

“You will no doubt be looking for a school that offers academic excellence, high placement ratings into your field of choice, and superior facilities. Wartburg offers all this; however, I really believe that the people here in the chemistry department at Wartburg set it apart from most other liberal arts colleges. From my first day on campus I felt completely welcomed by both my professors and peers. The biochemistry major is rigorous, but professors here intuitively know when to challenge and when to nurture. They truly want you to succeed. While many schools have a spirit of competition among students, I have only ever seen cooperation. With such excellent placement ratings among biochemistry majors, the need for students to out-perform each other is quelled. My four years at Wartburg helped me grow tremendously both as a person and as a student, and I feel that the majority of that growth occurred thanks to the professors.”

Mara Groom (2009)
Medical Student
Des Moines College of Osteopathic Medicine

"These days it is nearly impossible to escape the need for a solid biochemical understanding. Whether students are looking to pursue a career as a medical professional or they are called to do more general research they will discover that fundamental biochemistry can be ubiquitously associated with any of the biomedical sciences. Biochemistry has been instrumental in uncovering the underlying mechanisms to diseases as well as developing novel drugs treat them. A good understanding of biochemistry is a great start to any scientific or medical career a student wishes to pursue."

Derek Pavelec (2004)
Ph.D. candidate in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology 
University of Wisconsin-Madison