Biochemistry, by textbook definition, is an effort to understand biology through the context of chemistry. Biochemistry lectures at Wartburg College topically include macromolecules, enzymes, and human metabolism. Techniques taught in biochemistry laboratory are utilized in many fields, including microbiology, forensics, neurobiology, and cancer research.

Through a dynamic curriculum that includes flexibility of course choice to match your interests and a research component anchored by a new state-of-the-art science facility, a Wartburg biochemistry degree will uniquely prepare you for a career in health, research, biotechnology, or education.

The Wartburg biochemistry program has grown steadily since its inception over a decade ago; in the last five years, 39 students have graduated with degrees in biochemistry.  Since 2005, Wartburg College biochemistry majors have an 87 percent acceptance rate into medical school (first attempt) and 100 percent acceptance rate within a year of graduation (23 applicants).  Wartburg biochemistry majors also have a 100 percent acceptance rate into Ph.D. programs (13 applicants). Click to see where our graduates are after graduation.