Art Department - Student Activities

Artist Guild
The purpose of the Artist Guild is to promote active participation in the visual arts; to build camaraderie and solidarity among art majors through cooperation on shared projects, to plan group trips to museums and galleries, to foster student development of artistic abilities, to research and recommend possible visiting artists or lecturers, and to vigorously discuss and debate aesthetic issues in an open forum. Professor Thomas Payne is the adviser.

The Artist Guild is a student-run organization that meets twice a month to discuss departmental projects and general management. In the past, the Artist Guild has created a coloring book for community children, done a sculpture for campus display, sponsored a field trip to Minneapolis, and aided various other departments of the college.

Field Trips
Weekend, day, and small field trips are taken by the Art Department to visit museums, galleries, and commercial establishments. These trips have included Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Iowa City and Des Moines. Often students determine where and when the trips take place.

Drawing and Painting in Italy
The department sponsors an opportunity to see the art and architecture of Italy and produce plain air studies. Site visits include Florence, Rome, Venice, and Assisi or Siena.

Student Portfolio Samples
Classes are constantly busy and students have many projects in progress. Those listed below are only a small sample of the work produced in various art courses.

  • Graphic Design
  • Computer Graphic Design
  • Design
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture | Jewelry | Printmaking
  • Web Multimedia Design