The Value of a Wartburg Education

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Value InfoGraphic High Earning Potential Average Debt is Similar to State Schools Graduate in 4 Years and NOT 5 or 6 Actual Cost is Less Than The Sticker Price

The value of a college education isn't just about money. Learn about the nine myths of private higher education.

Remember, at Wartburg:

  • 97% of our graduates land a job, attend graduate school, or participate in volunteer service within six months of graduation.
  • 93% of Wartburg graduates finished in four years or less.

Our students experience:

  • Direct Interaction with professors.  Small colleges have many big advantages.  The biggest advantage is personal access to your professors.  You will meet your professors in small classes and in on-campus activities.  Plus, your faculty advisor is a Wartburg professor.
  • A tighter networking community.  Wartburg College graduates have a stronger network of friends.  It’s all about connections.  Networking always works better when you really know the people in your network.
  • Leadership and service.  Employers value well-rounded graduates.  The Wartburg leadership program indicates to potential employers that you will be a leader at work and in your community.

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