Global Ambassadors

Sri LankaManeesha Gammana Liyanage
Country: Sri Lanka
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Major: International Relations and Psychology
Campus Activities: I am involved in International Club and Asian Student Association as an active member. We organize numerous occasions that focus on bringing diversity and wider perspective of the world to the Wartburg community.
What it’s like to live in Waverly: Waverly is a quiet and peaceful town in Iowa. The college is beautiful and being a residential and college town, it is also comfortable for students providing various options to shop, chill and eat. People in Waverly are mostly Iowan farmers that have been living here for centuries. They are rich in Iowan culture and very welcoming.
Future Plans: I am planning to go to a rural part of Nepal to help in a school that teaches children for free. It is an initiative by Davis students in order to provide free quality education in rural parts of Nepal. It is community based where the people of the village and volunteers working in the school help each other in any way possible. The school aims to own agricultural and farming land in order for the school to be self-sustainable. The school needs help from volunteers like me for ideas and labor. Moreover, I am looking forward for a good experience to live in a village life style in the beautiful mountainous country and observing their culture and minds.
Advice for future students: If you like simplicity, nature, peacefulness and if you want to find yourself, this is a place that you will definitely enjoy.


NigeriaSelasi Ametewee
Country: Ghana
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Major: Accounting and Finance
Campus Activities:  I have been involved in The Unified Sports Day, WEB (Wartburg Embraces Bremwood), Intramural Basketball, Eucharist, Gospel Choir and a service trip to help build homes in Denver.
Why I chose Wartburg: I choose Wartburg College because it offers quality education in an environment that allows me to reach and achieve my maximum potential, without tremendous amounts of pressure being applied on me. I also choose Wartburg because of its size and the individual attention every student receives.
Future Plans: After graduation I plan on pursuing a postgraduate degree in a field of study. Perhaps after that I will even participate on a mission trip, for example serving on a boat for mercy ships, something I have always wanted to do.
Advice for future students: My best advice to prospective students considering Wartburg College is that you will never know until you come for yourselves! Wartburg is a college like no other, and once I made the decision to come here I never regretted it. It is an amazing one of a kind college, filled with amazing one of a kind welcoming people, and there are so many interesting and entertaining clubs and organizations to get involved in.


NigeriaMilica Njezic
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Major: Public Relations and International Relations
Campus Activities: I am involved in International Club, Model United Nations and Pen and Ink club.
My favorite thing about Wartburg: The possibility to express myself in the classroom and the close relationship with professors.
What is it like living in Waverly: I really like that people in Waverly are always polite, friendly and are always smiling. I have never experienced something like that in my life. They are also very much focused on the community and family. The campus is beautiful, everything is easily accessible and there is a lot space. Waverly is a quiet and small, but if you have your group of friends there is always something fun to do - go out, have a coffee in Duos, go to the river, go camping, etc.
Future Plans: Graduate school.

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