Essential Education


Thinking Strategies
Total cc = 7

1cc - Inquiry Studies 101 Asking the Right Questions
1cc Inquiry Studies 201 Living in a Diverse World
4 cc 1cc Natural Science with laboratory
1cc Social Science
1cc Humanities/Fine Arts
1cc Humanities/Fine Arts or Social
1cc Interdisciplinary Studies course
Reasoning Skills
Total cc = 3.5
1cc Mathematical Reasoning
1cc Scientific Reasoning
1cc Verbal Reasoning (English 112)
1/2cc Oral Communication (Communication Arts 112)
Total cc = 1
1cc 1 Foreign Language
2 Writing Intensive courses during years 3 & 4 *
1cc Diversity course*
Oral communication proficiency within the major*
Information Literacy proficiency within the major*
Faith and Learning
Total cc = 2
1cc Religion 101 Literature of the Old and New Testament
1cc - Faith and Reflection course
Health and Wellness
Total cc = .5
1/2cc PE 100 Introduction to Physical Fitness
The Capstone
Total cc = .5 to 1
.5 - 1cc Select the course associated with the major
Total 14.5 - 15

* These requirements are embedded into general education, electives, and/or the major.