Wartburg College Institutional Learning Outcomes

Wartburg College is a learning community built upon an integrative curriculum, a rich variety of learning-focused co-curricular activities, and intentional opportunities for reflection and discussion. Wartburg is committed to educating the whole person by helping students to develop their intellectual talents, to explore their personal, professional, and social convictions, and to engage as active participants in community. A Wartburg education challenges and nurtures students to:

1. Develop intellectual skills that are essential to all academic disciplines, foster interdisciplinary and integrative thinking, and provide depth of study within an academic major. Such skills include …

  • Reading, thinking, and inquiring in a critical fashion (using analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and application).
  • Communicating effectively in writing and speaking.
  • Using technology and information effectively.
  • Using and interpreting quantitative and qualitative data accurately.
  • Understanding the questions examined, methods of inquiry used, and approaches to problem solving across a range of academic disciplines.
  • Demonstrating command of the subject matter, methods, and applications of an academic major.

2. Develop personal, professional, and social convictions that inform ethical action, promote the common good, and enhance civic responsibility in local as well as global contexts. Such convictions include…

  • Practicing civil discourse and mutual respect in relationships with others.
  • Understanding the potential for both dynamic tension and harmony that may exist between the pursuit of personal benefit and the promotion of community well-being.
  • Accepting responsibility for their decisions and actions, and basing these on ethical considerations.
  • Promoting sustainable practices and informed stewardship of local and global resources.

3. Become actively engaged in multiple communities and seek opportunities for continued growth. Such engagement includes…

  • Supporting communities through active citizenship, leadership, mentoring, and service experiences.
  • Collaborating effectively with others in the multiple communities to which they belong.
  • Enhancing their competency to thrive in an inclusive and multicultural world.
  • Developing a sense of purpose and vocation.
  • Caring for and developing their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial well-being
  • Participating in learning as a lifelong pursuit of growth and development.

These three outcome statements, along with the illustrative bullet points, define the expectations of a Wartburg education and provide the benchmarks against which the College holds itself accountable.