Wartburg College Common
Learning Outcomes

Wartburg College is a learning community built upon an integrative curriculum, a rich variety of learning-focused co-curricular activities, and intentional opportunities for reflection and discussion.

Broad and Integrative Knowledge

  • Students will demonstrate breadth of knowledge and the ability to make connections across a range of disciplines.

Deep and Distinctive Knowledge

  • Students will demonstrate depth of knowledge and the ability to use and apply the distinctive methods and forms of inquiry within the disciplinary area of the academic major.


  • Students will work effectively in collaboration with others, being respectful and civil toward others.

Ethics and Engagement

  • Students will articulate the ways in which faith and ethics inform their decisions, actions, and engagement as community members.


  • Students will communicate effectively and appropriately in writing and speaking.

Cultural Competence

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to appropriately, respectfully, and effectively communicate and work with people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

These outcome statements define the expectations of a Wartburg education and provide the benchmarks against which the College holds itself accountable.