Weather-related Closure Policy

Wartburg College is a residential campus and as such ordinarily will not need to cancel classes or close offices due to weather-related events. Extreme circumstances such as an extensive loss of one or more utilities or an extraordinary weather event such as a tornado or severe ice storm might require the College to close (classes cancelled and offices closed).

Commuting students, faculty, and staff are urged to use their own good judgment when making a decision to travel to or from Wartburg during inclement weather. Safety is of the utmost importance. No student, faculty or staff should put herself or himself in harm’s way.

Faculty may at their discretion cancel classes due to inclement weather and are strongly encouraged to provide an alternative learning activity. Departments should have a clear procedure for how students are notified.

Each department/office should make a plan for staffing during inclement weather in order to continue an adequate level of service to the campus. This plan should be clear on how many people are needed to staff the office/department. Staff who do not travel to campus when the College is open have options as outlined in the Staff Handbook .

In the rare event that the College cannot conduct business, the College will be closed (classes canceled and offices closed). Essential services must be maintained to provide for the safety and welfare of the residential student population. Depending on the nature of the event and time of year, some departments must continue to provide services. Departments should define essential personnel. Non-essential personnel will be paid during a College closure. Essential hourly personnel should receive additional compensation during a College closure.

In the event the College is closed, the Wartburg Alert System shall be used along with announcements in local media (TV and KWAY radio), via e-mail, and on the Wartburg Web site. Classes will only be officially canceled when the College is closed.