Wartburg College's ninth annual Physics and Chemistry Demonstration Show will offer science entertainment for all ages Saturday, Jan. 16, at 7 p.m., in Neumann Auditorium.

The event, hosted by the Wartburg Chemistry Club, Engineering Club and Society of Physics Students, is designed to engage children and adults with exciting applications of physics and chemistry concepts.

The student-led team will explore the science of waves, including sound, light and oscillations, using a variety of demonstrations. Students and faculty will present hands-on activities in the Neumann Auditorium lobby for 30 minutes before and after the show.

The event also will be available live and on demand via the college’s live streaming network, Knight Vision, at www.wartburg.edu/knightvision.

“Longtime fans of the demo show will appreciate the new demonstrations we have added this year,” said Christine DeVries, associate professor of chemistry.

Teachers are encouraged to have their students watch the show as a classroom assignment or extra credit opportunity.

“We really want this year’s show to be an extension of our classrooms here at Wartburg,” said Benjamin Bousquet, associate professor of physics. “It is important that we find unique and interesting ways to engage young people in math, engineering and the sciences. We feel multimedia and live video is one way we can do that.”

Teachers interested in making the demonstration show part of their curriculum can register their classroom at www.wartburg.edu/demoshow. Registrations must include the teacher’s name, school, class and number of students. Teachers can receive the full schedule of demonstrations and brief lesson guides linked to state standards to accompany two of the demonstrations.