By Kristin Canning

Logan Hansen ’12 and Casey Strub ’12 have been selected as the Wartburg Knight after auditions Oct. 11 and 12.

Students vying for the Knight position and the right to serve as the college mascot had to answer questions about themselves and perform for a panel of judges, including Tower Agency representatives and members of the Student Alumni Council. This is the first time auditions have been held for the mascot position.  

Hansen, of Glenville, Minn., and Strub, of Indianola, will be paid to attend Wartburg sporting events and pump up the crowd while wearing the Knight costume, a faux suit of armor and helmet, and wielding a plastic sword and shield. 

The athletic fund will provide a set amount of the mascots’ employment costs, with the Alumni Office paying for any other fees. 

Auditions were open to all students, but Amy Backer ‘12, Tower Agency chief executive officer, said most applicants were recommended to her and invited to audition by the agency. 

Strub said, “I go to all the sporting events already, and I can pump up the crowd. I’m well-known and well-received.” 

Those were attributes the judges appreciated. 

“I was looking for someone who is extremely energetic, preferably over-the-top, because more is better,” Tower Agency representative Brandon Hosch ’14 said.  “We were looking for people who can put themselves out there.” 

Those auditioning also were asked to try on the Knight costume and pretend they were at a sporting event, then do what they could to get the crowd cheering. Each student took a different approach, some dancing and yelling cheers, others speaking in a British accent, some even pretended to challenge crowd members to a duel. 

“It’s interesting to see all the different ways people portray the Knight,” Backer said. 

Since Hansen plays football, Strub will cover the football season, and the two will split winter sporting events. 

Strub acted as the Knight once at a Homecoming football game. Backer thinks he performed well. 

“Obviously it’s going to take a few events for him to fully become the character. It takes a lot to be a mascot in front of a crowd,” Backer said. “One has to be brave and be able to quickly think on his feet. I know he is working on different ideas as far as how to interact with the crowd in the future.”

Backer is excited to see what Strub will do at the upcoming Central football game. 

Hosch added, “They both have a lot of enthusiasm. Hopefully they can really up the crowd participation and school spirit.”