By Sarah Boraas

New initiatives are creating better recycling habits at Wartburg College.

Thanks to the Wartburg student senate and EARTH club — with assists from sustainability coordinator Anne Duncan and Hollis Hanson-Pollock ’13, a member of the Energy and Environmental Sustainability Initiative — recycling is now easily accessible in all campus buildings.

“Recycling on campus has been an area of student interest going back several years, beginning before my freshman year. The effort to finally become sustainable will do nothing but benefit the Wartburg campus,” said Rex Davidson, student body president.

In academic and business buildings, recycling stations are on every floor. Stations are accessible in each residence hall — either in separate rooms on each floor, outside the entrance or by the dumpsters, depending on the building.

“It would seem recycling has been most noticeably used by students in their disposal of cans and bottles. The large recycling receptacles are a big indication of its success, ” said Davidson.

Student Senate has encouraged recycling by placing bags in each residence hall room. The bags are a reminder to recycle and can hold materials until ready for disposal.

“The recycling bags have been the most aggressive way senate has raised awareness among the Wartburg student body. There are always new and innovative schemes brewing to further address this important issue,” said Davidson.

Recycling on campus not only helps the environment, but also the college. Redeemable cans and bottles support student organizations through Cans For a Cause. Recycling also lowers waste disposal costs on campus.

“I am thrilled with the efforts and look forward to seeing what this student body can do to make Wartburg a more earth-friendly place. We hold the success or failure of these initiatives in our own hands,” said Davidson.