By Hannah Cox

Images of Ugandan children caught in the middle of a civil war are on display on the second floor of Luther Hall.

The photos reflect the work of Conrad ’75 and Kathy ’75 Mandsager who were honored with Alumni Citations during Homecoming for their work with ChildVoice International. Conrad founded the program in 2006 after a friend told him about children being abused in the war with the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army.

“My passion is trying to find solutions to social problems. So what I saw was a need to help these kids recover from the trauma they had been through and become productive members of society and communities again,” Conrad said.

The Des Moines Register sent reporter Tony Ley and photographer Mary Chind to Uganda with ChildVoice in 2009.

Conrad said Chind, winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for photography for a photo of a woman being rescued from a rampaging river, wanted to create a traveling gallery of the ChildVoice photos.

“It shows positive ways in which we — from the West — can engage and help in the transformation process and the rebuilding process,” Conrad said.

He appreciates Wartburg hosting the exhibit and the service ethic of the college. Conrad hopes Wartburg students will work with ChildVoice in the future.