Wartburg Nights will be Friday, October 7, in order not to conflict with Homecoming the following weekend. 

The observatory will be open from just after sunset at 6:40 p.m. until around 10 p.m.

If the weather cooperates, the night will have a bright waxing gibbous moon dominating the sky. Jupiter will be rising around dusk and should be visible soon after. A typical fall sky will have globular and open clusters as well as binary stars and planetary nebulae on display.

A few reminders for the observatory:

  • Red flashlights may be available at the site, but you may want your own to help you get across the field. Red lights/lenses (even red film over a normal light) help preserve night vision. If you bring a white-light flashlight, be mindful of others and keep the light pointed low.
  • No bathrooms are available.
  • Dress as if it will be colder than you think.
  • The bugs are still out. Use a repellent, but applied away from the telescope area.
The Observatory is located in Hertel Field, northwest of the corner of 12th St. W and 5th Ave. N. Parking is available at the Hertel Field parking lot and off 20th St NW between the railroad tracks.