A six-week individualized program at the Wartburg-Waverly Sports & Wellness Center will help young athletes maximize their potential.

The sports performance enhancement program is open to youth in grades 6–12. It will run from 3:45 to 4:45 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays, Oct. 17–Nov. 23, with services provided by Taylor Physical Therapy Associates and The W.

“Athletes will learn correct technique and footwork to complete essential agility and performance tasks properly and efficiently,” said Nikki Hudnutt, fitness director at The W. “Essential components of the program will be sports-specific, position-specific and age-specific.”

Hudnutt said each participant will undergo an evaluation to assess strength, flexibility and muscle balance. Results of the evaluation will guide development of an individualized, sports-specific program designed to improve speed, agility, power and strength and prevent injuries.

The program costs $175 for one student or $275 for two students from the same family.

A second six-week session is scheduled Jan. 9–Feb. 15.

To register or learn more, contact Hudnutt at 319-352-8715 or nicole.hudnutt@wartburg.edu.