Nearly 200 people were evacuated from residence halls late Monday night after heavy smoke was reported in a Hebron Hall third-floor room.

It was one of three incidents during the weekend when residence halls were briefly evacuated. No injuries occurred.

Campus Safety and Security were notified at 8:10 p.m. about smoke in Hebron Hall. Upon arrival, the campus officers activated the fire alarm to evacuate the Complex — Hebron, Vollmer and Centennial halls — and knocked on doors, asking residents to lock their rooms and leave the buildings. The Waverly Fire Department was notified and quickly responded.

Officers determined the smoke was coming from a room that was unoccupied at the time. The door was removed, and a towel was found smoldering on a bare light bulb in a clothes closet. Clothes had apparently fallen against the light bulb.

The Waverly Fire Department took over the incident at 8:25 p.m. and extinguished the fire.

Residents were allowed to return to the buildings at approximately 8:50 p.m. Third-floor Hebron residents waited several minutes longer for the smoke to clear.

The fire and smoke caused minor damage to floor tile and the closet’s contents and interior. The room residents returned to their room Tuesday night.

Two other fire-related incidents caused brief evacuations.

A resident inadvertently pulled a fire alarm on the first floor of Grossmann Hall at 12:55 a.m. Monday by hitting it with a box while moving in. Approximately 70 people were evacuated.

At 11:45 p.m. Saturday, 45 students were evacuated from Residence North after an alarm went off on the first floor because of a badly burned pizza. No smoke was visible. The suite occupants were informed that ovens are not allowed in the rooms.