Nearly 500 Wartburg College students qualified for the Dean’s List during Winter and May terms.

To make the list, a student must have earned a 3.5 grade point (4.0 scale) in at least five course credits during the four-month Winter Term and four-week May Term. Four of the five course credits must be graded with a traditional letter grade. Students with incompletes are not eligible for the Dean’s List.

Wartburg is a four-year, selective liberal arts college of the Lutheran Church (ELCA), internationally recognized for community engagement. The college enrolled 1,775 students from 26 U.S. states and 46 countries during the 2010-11 academic year.

Students on the Dean’s List are:


Ackley: Chelsea Keninger, junior, daughter of Kent and Audrea Keninger; Kara Rewerts, senior, daughter of Candace and Bret Crowl, and Darwin Rewerts of Iowa Falls

Adel: Neil Shields, junior, son of William and Beth Shields

Ainsworth: Ashley Stout, senior, and Joshalyn Stout, sophomore, daughters of Kim Stout and Phil Stout of Crawfordsville

Alden: Claire Evans, sophomore, daughter of Dean and Michelle Evans

Algona: Derek Beaumier, sophomore, son of Jim and Beverly Beaumier; Sydney Marsh, junior, daughter of Jeff and Jennifer Marsh; Shanna Miller, sophomore, daughter of Mark and Lisa Miller; Courtney Westling, senior, daughter of Carl and Moni Westling

Allison: Monica Edeker, sophomore, daughter of Kevin and Rhonda Edeker

Alta Vista: Amy Kobliska, junior, daughter of Steven and Sheila Kobliska

Ames: Emily Barclay, junior, daughter of Dr. Gregory and Sally Barclay; Sarah Israel, junior, daughter of Dr. Kenneth and Susan Israel

Anamosa: Sean Corpstein, junior, son of Joe and Julie Corpstein

Ankeny: Rachel Biedermann, senior, daughter of the Rev. Eric and Nancy Biedermann; Kyle Clay, sophomore, son of Jeff and Shelley Clay; Paul Duffy, senior, son of Stephen and Dr. Kathryn Duffy; Matthew Kristensen, sophomore, son of Tom and Carol Kristensen; Kelsi Sawatzky, junior, daughter of Mike and Terri Sawatzky; Kathryn Tressel, junior, daughter of Rodney and Kirsten Tressel

Aplington: Danielle Miller, junior, daughter of Rick and Melissa Miller; Tyler Winkey, senior, son of Randall and Carol Winkey

Ashton: Kevin Huss, senior, son of Randall and Janice Huss

Auburn: Nathanael Hunziker, junior, son of Scott and Nancy Hunziker

Belmond: Justin Meyer, sophomore, son of Scott and Melinda Meyer; Laura Pals, sophomore, daughter of Curt and LuAnn Pals

Bettendorf: Anna Aquino, sophomore, daughter of Juan and Cathy Aquino; Jenna McGinnis, first-year, daughter of Julie McGinnis and Greg McGinnis of Orlando, Fla.; Katelynn Schultz, sophomore, daughter of Brad Schultz and Sheri Simpson-Schultz; Joshua Trueblood, sophomore, son of Rick and Sheryl Trueblood

Bondurant: Cameron Peterson, junior, son of Jeffrey and Jacqueline Peterson

Boone: Nicole Beer, junior, daughter of Gary and Vicky Beer; Jesse Fehr, junior, son of Ronald and Sandy Fehr; Anthony Greco, senior, son of Bob and Terrie Greco; Austin Greco, sophomore, son of Bob and Terrie Greco; Lindsay Greiner, senior, daughter of John and Lynne Greiner; Ethan Lowman, sophomore, son of Julie Lowman

Brandon: Benjamin Harting, junior, son of Karen and Daniel Weltzin

Britt: John Mallen, senior, son of Shawn and Betty Mallen

Brooklyn: Caitlyn Reynolds, first-year, daughter of the Rev. John and Cynthia Reynolds

Buckingham: Catherine Reiter, sophomore, and Stephanie Reiter, junior, daughters of Hal and Deanne Reiter

Buffalo Center: Kristine Milbrandt, sophomore, daughter of David and Ruth Ann Milbrandt

Burlington: Allison Klein, junior, daughter of Greg and Patty Brooks

Calmar: Mathew Phillips, senior, son of Vernon and Pamela Phillips

Castalia: Alexis Spain, junior, daughter of Vincent and Stephanie Spain

Cedar Falls: Jalen Bergman, first-year, son of Jeffrey and Jill Bergman; Heather Hackman, senior, daughter of Jon and Sheila Hackman; Victoria Jochims, junior, daughter of Charles and Connie Seeliger; Amanda Rector, senior, daughter of John Rector and Robin and Fred Abraham; Elizabeth Squires, senior, daughter of Michael and Linda Squires; Noelle Tripolino, senior, daughter of Stephen and Gretchen Tripolino

Cedar Rapids: MacKenzie Benson, senior, daughter of Bruce and Angela Benson; Jenna Buhr, sophomore, daughter of Steve and Sharon Buhr; Justin Cervantes, first-year, son of John and Shelley Cervantes; Jeremy Corbett, sophomore, son of Ron and Benedicte Corbett; Ashley Corkin, first-year, daughter of Ronald and Mary Corkin; Andrew Erickson, junior, son of Rick and Cindy Erickson; Ashley Freese, first-year, daughter of William and Tina Freese; Kayla Fricke, first-year, daughter of Craig and Darla Fricke; Maren Hopkins, sophomore, daughter of Bradley and Julie Hopkins; Jill Kuehnle, first-year, daughter of Mark and Julie Kuehnle; Marie Sorenson, junior, daughter of Eric and Roxann Sorenson; Carmen Stevens, first-year, daughter of Gerald and Theresa Stevens; Lacey Stonehocker, senior, daughter of Mary Shears and Maj. Leslie Stonehocker of Fairfax, Va.; Elizabeth Walker, first-year, daughter of Eric and Dixie Walker

Center Point: Kyle Creed, junior, son of Garry and Dawn Creed; Allyssa Neighbor, sophomore, daughter of Scott and Kristin Neighbor

Charles City: Aaron Huegel, junior, son of Vincent and Jennifer Huegel; Brianna Tieskotter, junior, daughter of Donald and Sharon Tieskotter; Kayla Wood, first-year, daughter of James and Trudie Wood

Cherokee: Josh Mugge, senior, son of Julie Mugge and Joe Mugge; Katherine Tjeerdsma, junior, daughter of Jan and Eileen Tjeerdsma

Clarinda: Katie Aldrich, first-year, daughter of Martin and Cindy Aldrich

Clarksville: Kylie Rottink, junior, daughter of Dennis and Dawn Rottink

Clear Lake: Christopher Arians, senior, son of Harold and Lisa Arians

Cleghorn: Emily Bush, sophomore, daughter of Bryan and Lori Bush

Clermont: Sarah Matt, senior, daughter of Steve and Laura Matt

Clinton: Michael Jorgensen, junior, son of Laura Jorgensen and John and Linda Jorgensen

Clive: Hannah Boren, sophomore, daughter of Barbara Boren

Coggon: Bethany McAtee, first-year, daughter of Galen and Christie McAtee

Colesburg: Emily Faust, junior, daughter of Debra Faust

Coralville: Madison Sadecky, sophomore, daughter of Pat Riezman and Jeff Sadecky of Iowa City

Corwith: Brandon Sohl, senior, son of Merle and Johna Sohl

Council Bluffs: Marcus Williams, junior, son of Chris and Deborah Williams

Crawfordsville: Jillian Graber, senior, daughter of Mark and Lori Graber; Lucas Robison, sophomore, son of Ransom and Judy Robison

Cresco: Brian Vachta, senior, son of Tom and Mary Ellen Vachta

Dallas Center: Alexandra Madole, junior, daughter of Darren and Sherry Madole

Davenport: Robin Evans, junior, daughter of Hubert Evans and MaiLinh Dao; Jared Frueh, junior, son of Michael and Lois Frueh; Maria Lynn Rusch, senior, daughter of Joseph and Teresa Rusch

Dayton: Melanie Oeltjenbruns, junior, daughter of Bradley and Lori Oeltjenbruns

Decorah: Megan McDonough, sophomore, daughter of Todd and Beth McDonough; Kathryn Werner, first-year, daughter of Daniel and Jenny Werner

Delhi: Emily Preussner, sophomore, daughter of Greg and Nancy Preussner

Delmar: Whitney Rorah, sophomore, daughter of Greg and Mary Lou Rorah

Denver: Joshua Lemert, junior, son of Gary and Lynne Lemert; Jeremy Thurm, senior, son of Jeffrey and Karen Thurm

Des Moines: Andrew Doyle, junior, son of Joel and Lori Doyle; Ryan Everett, senior, son of David and Nora Everett; Kellie Hildreth, senior, daughter of William Hildreth and Vickie Linthicum of Urbandale; Anastasia Osbeck, first-year, daughter of the Revs. Roger and Janelle Osbeck; Joshua Osbeck, senior, son of the Revs. Roger and Janelle Osbeck

DeWitt: Colleen Tague, sophomore, daughter of Kathy Tague

Dike: Mackenzie Williams, sophomore, daughter of Adam and Melissa Williams

Dubuque: Michela Dalsing, junior, daughter of Randy and Jean Dalsing; Jesup Fritsch, junior, son of Douglas and Dianne Fritsch; Jennifer Ganshirt, senior, daughter of M. Scott and Michele Ganshirt; Derek Gartner, junior, son of John and Pam Gartner; Craig Hense, junior, son of Kevin and Mary Hense; Cassandra Klostermann, senior, daughter of Larry and Karen Klostermann; Brittany Manning, junior, daughter of Chris and Leisa Manning; Stephanie Ries, sophomore, daughter of Scott and Carol Ries

Dumont: Elizabeth Miller, junior, daughter of Lowell and Sherry Miller; Anna Peterson, senior, daughter of Dan and Teresa Peterson

Durant: Mackenzie Compton, sophomore, daughter of Tom and Sheila Compton

Dyersville: Brittany Burkle, junior, daughter of Amy Burkle-Sheey and Pat Burkle; Molly Feldman, first-year, daughter of Mark and Mary Ann Feldman; Rebecca Pfeiler, senior, daughter of William and Laurie Pfeiler; Stephanie Reinert, junior, daughter of Jeffrey and Carmen Reinert

Dysart: Haley Flores, sophomore, daughter of Julie Flores

Eagle Grove: Eric Kist, junior, son of David and Anita Kist

Earlham: Kalysta Adkins, first-year, daughter of Chris and Jerri Adkins

Earlville: Emily Hogan, first-year, daughter of John and Margaret Hogan; Heather Nefzger, senior, daughter of Rodney and Connie Nefzger

Edgewood: Megan Kelchen, sophomore, daughter of James and Janet Kelchen; Ryan Putz, senior, son of Michael and Agnes Putz

Elberon: Jared Wauters, first-year, son of Jerry and Lori Wauters

Eldridge: Brianna Nielsen, senior, daughter of Daniel and Deanna Nielsen

Elgin: Stephanie Spies-Upton, senior, daughter of Gary and Patsy Spies

Elk Run Heights: Kyle Scobee, first-year, son of Bradley and Suzanne Scobee

Epworth: Hannah Cox, junior, daughter of Tim and LuAnn Cox; Brandon Hosch, sophomore, son of Karie Hosch and Rob Hosch; Danielle Kramer, senior, daughter of Philip and Lori Kramer

Fairfield: Derek Byrnes, first-year, son of Robert and Jennifer Byrnes; Megan Thompson, junior, daughter of Chad and Becky Thompson

Farley: Britney Hermsen, senior, daughter of Darla Hermsen; Keely Knepper, junior, daughter of Kevin and Sally Knepper

Fayette: Britlyn Sieck, junior, and Ramey Sieck, sophomore, daughters of Donald and Shelly Sieck

Fort Atkinson: Emily Bakula, junior, daughter of John and Nancy Bakula; April Kuhn, junior, daughter of Mark and Ruth Kuhn

Fort Dodge: Megan Puls, sophomore, daughter of Randall and Laurel Puls

Garner: Nicholas Brown, senior, son of Michael and Cheri Brown; Kristin Huinker, senior, daughter of Daniel and Shawn Huinker; Erik Jolivette, sophomore, son of Bruce and Rebecca Jolivette

Garwin: Angie Mullenbach, senior, daughter of Randy and Debbie Mullenbach

Gilbert: Emily Claman, first-year, daughter of Dave Claman

Gilbertville: Amanda Schares, sophomore, daughter of Dale and Leigh Schares

Gladbrook: Hannah Bassett, first-year, daughter of Karen Bassett

Grafton: Shea Kruger, junior, daughter of Neil and Laurene Kruger

Greenfield: Gentri Meier, sophomore, daughter of Dennis and Sheila Meier; Kirk Sidey, junior, son of Ken and Vicki Sidey

Grimes: Kelsey Church, first-year, daughter of Bryan and Karmen Church; Stephanie Heckroth, senior, daughter of Jeff and Leah Heckroth; Loryn Reed, first-year, daughter of Lee and Diane Reed

Grinnell: Emily Smith, first-year, daughter of Amy Lyn Smith and Todd Smith

Grundy Center: David Laughlin, senior, son of Timothy and Melissa Laughlin

Harlan: Ashley Bruck, senior, daughter of James and Julie Bruck

Hazleton: Kathryn Kelchen, sophomore, daughter of Sherry Kelchen and Mark Kelchen of Monticello

Hiawatha: Kelly Owen, senior, daughter of Gary and Mary therese Owen

Hudson: Rachael Andresen, senior, daughter of Ronald and Joyce Andresen; Matthew Buzynski, first-year, son of John and Brenda Buzynski

Humboldt: Stephanie Hauck, junior, daughter of Steven and Kathryn Hauck; Megan Rash, junior, daughter of Daryl and Sonja Rash

Ida Grove: Gabrielle Miller, senior, daughter of Randy Miller and Kim Woebke

Independence: Caroline Lake, junior, daughter of Barbara Lake

Indianola: Andra Peeler, junior, daughter of Ronald and Marcia Peeler; Deidre Whipple, junior, daughter of Robert and Kay Whipple; Sarah Wickett, sophomore, daughter of Steven and Linda Wickett

Iowa City: Chad Jensen, sophomore, son of Kevin and Michelle Jensen; Daniel Mysnyk, sophomore, son of Dr. Mark and Lisa Mysnyk; Krista Sellers, sophomore, daughter of Kevin and Laurel Sellers

Jefferson: Kathryn Rice, sophomore, daughter of Kelly and Rebecca Rice

Jesup: Kylee Frush, senior, daughter of Douglas and Ruth Frush; Stacey Kayser, junior, daughter of Dennis and Lisa Kayser; Kelley Klein, sophomore, daughter of Tom and Michelle Klein

Johnston: Jared Nelson, first-year, son of Brett and Robin Nelson; Erica Warren, senior, daughter of Scott and Carol Warren

Kalona: Braden Kos, senior, son of Kevin and Sue Kos

Kanawha: Lindsey Pogge, sophomore , daughter of Jay and Daphne Pogge

Keokuk: Jennifer Lynes, sophomore, daughter of James and Dawn Lynes

Keota: Shelby Sieren, sophomore, daughter of Scott and Renee Sieren

Knoxville: Michael Creary, senior, son of Mike and Connie Creary

La Porte City: Lauren Bauer, sophomore, daughter of Alvin and Mary Bauer

Lake Mills: Rebekah Peters, sophomore, daughter of the Rev. William Peters and Dr. Anita Eshelman-Peters

LeClaire: Sadie Kaminski, sophomore, daughter of Dr. Robert and Dr. Kathleen Kaminski

Leon: Kate O’Donnell, junior, daughter of Bill and Ruth O’Donnell

Lisbon: Kristin Canning, first-year, daughter of Melissa Canning and Michael and Carrie Canning of Cedar Rapids

Lohrville: Natalie Gemberling, senior, daughter of Leroy and Ann Gemberling

Luana: Jacqueline Schutte, first-year, daughter of Brian and LaRae Schutte

Malvern: Levi Helbling, junior, son of David and Cheri Hoose

Manchester: Mycala Briggs, junior, daughter of Michael and Patricia Briggs; Nichole Vaske, sophomore, daughter of Mark and Natalie Vaske

Manly: Taylor Yezek, junior, daughter of Amy Yezek and Jeff Yezek

Manson: Heath Rost, senior, son of Bernard and Kim Rost; Allie Seavert, sophomore, daughter of Douglas and Nancy Seavert

Marathon: Krista Fredricks, junior, daughter of Brian and Margaret Fredricks

Marble Rock: Megan Kingery, senior, daughter of Dan and Lynn Kingery

Marengo: Kira Stoller, senior, daughter of the Rev. Timothy and Michaela Stoller

Marion: Drew Crawford, sophomore, son of Robert and Ruth Crawford; Oliver Dierks, sophomore, son of Mark and Janna Dierks; Jonathan Juett, junior, son of Jerrold and Janet Juett; Alyssa Larson, first-year, daughter of Gregory and Kimberly Larson; Nicole Peyton, junior, daughter of Bradley and Linda Peyton; Maggie Ray, first-year, daughter of Kathleen Ray-Grekoff and Larry Grekoff, and the Rev. Jack and Becky Ray of Springville; Samuel Read, first-year, son of Robert and Cheryl Read

Marshalltown: Rachel Ellefson, junior, daughter of James and Brenda Ellefson; Jase Schossow, sophomore, son of Garland and Julie Schossow; Samuel Upah, sophomore, son of Trent and Michelle Upah

Martelle: Krista Pederson, sophomore, daughter of Daniel and Barbara Pederson

Mason City: Elise Duvall, senior, daughter of Stephen and Linda Duvall; Robert Salmon, junior, son of Jon and Kristin Salmon; Sarah Schickel, sophomore, daughter of William and Candila Schickel

Maxwell: Lanie Crouse, first-year, daughter of Lowell and Jackie Crouse

Maynard: Elizabeth Lincoln, sophomore, daughter of Patrick and Jean Lincoln

McGregor: Jamie Peterson, junior, daughter of Lori Lathrop

Meservey: Christopher Meester, senior, son of the Rev. Rodney and Julie Meester

Milford: Erik Vaage, sophomore, son of the Rev. Robert and DeeAnn Vaage

Mingo: Hollis Hanson-Pollock, junior, daughter of James Pollock and Nola Hanson

Monona: Ian Bee, sophomore, son of Michael and Christine Bee

Monticello: Jacob Hinrichsen, senior, son of Ralph and Sally Hinrichsen

Mount Pleasant: Brittany Melloy, senior, daughter of Michael and Kayla Melloy; Kelli Miller, sophomore, daughter of Jeffrey and Diane Miller

Mount Vernon: Alex Brannaman, sophomore, son of Daniel and Denise Brannaman

Nashua: Zachary Huffman, junior, son of Stacey Huffman and James Huffman of Waverly; Kori Kleinschmidt, senior, daughter of Thomas and Debra Kleinschmidt; Sarah Shoemaker, senior, daughter of Lawrence and Cindy Shoemaker; Alex Wiebke, senior, son of Dennis and Tracy Wiebke

New Hampton: Michelle Croell, first-year, daughter of William and Renae Croell; Curt Hruska, sophomore, son of Dennis and Jeanne Hruska; Stacey Knoll, sophomore, daughter of Bruce and Cynthia Knoll; Amber Kurash, senior, daughter of Steve and Marianne Kurash; Amy Reicks, junior, daughter of Darel and Tina Reicks; Blayne Willadsen, junior, son of Kevin and Nancy Willadsen

New Hartford: Elizabeth Weinberg, sophomore, daughter of Mitchell and Susan Weinberg

New Providence: Megan Thompson, senior, daughter of Robert and Patricia Thompson

New Vienna: Craig Kerper, first-year, son of Steve and Linda Kerper

Newhall: Nicholas Novotny, junior, son of Bradley and Nancy Novotny

Nora Springs: Meganne McMurray, junior, and Melissa McMurray, senior, daughters of Lori and Robert Axdahl and Kirk McMurray of Apache Junction, Ariz.

Northwood: Katie Braun, junior, daughter of Keith and Sue Braun

Norwalk: Hallie Kinman, first-year, daughter of Shawn and Lori Kinman; JoHanna Smrcina, junior, daughter of Richard and Susan Smrcina

Oelwein: Eric Kerns, junior, son of Jere and Shae Kerns; Justin Schwake, senior, son of Carl and Doralee Schwake; Melissa Sims, junior, daughter of Steven and Doris Sims; Bryan Woods, junior, son of Larry and Susan Woods

Orange City: McKenzie Foughty, first-year, daughter of Thomas and Sharon Foughty; Erika Verburg, junior, daughter of Russell and Nora Verburg

Osage: Daniel Evans, sophomore, son of Deb Popp and Gene Evans; Hilary Gerk, junior, daughter of Steven and Rhonda Gerk; Daniel Hanson, senior, son of the Rev. Dennis and Dorothea Hanson; Hakkon Rosendahl, senior, son of Jim and Marcia Rosendahl

Osceola: Sarah Robinson, sophomore, daughter of Rick and Teri Robinson

Palo: Brooke Lentz, sophomore, daughter of Jeff and Becky Lentz

Parkersburg: Courtney Klooster, sophomore, daughter of Kevin and Marilyn Klooster; Katelyn Schwennen, junior, daughter of John and Mary Schwennen

Pella: Justin Buzick, sophomore, son of Traci Schaffer; Elizabeth DePenning, senior, daughter of Barbara DePenning

Peosta: Kristin Helle, junior, daughter of Alan and Lynn Helle; Erin Seymour, junior, daughter of Charles and Julie Seymour

Perry: Ashley Schulteis, senior, daughter of Drs. Lee and Susan Schulteis; Molly Wernli, senior, daughter of Paul and Laurie Wernli

Plainfield: Kaylee Benning, junior, daughter of Alan and Linda Benning; Joshua Lehman, sophomore, son of David and Rachelle Lehman; Emilie Ruehs, senior, daughter of Michael and Mishell Ruehs

Reinbeck: Scott Benson, sophomore, son of Randy and Rita Benson; Alexandra Holbach, first-year, daughter of Peter and Laurie Holbach

Ridgeway: Ethan Novotny, senior, son of Michelle Novotny; Jessica Schick, senior, daughter of Steven and Diane Schick

Rockford: Cassandra Willert, sophomore, daughter of Dennis and Janet Willert

Roland: Tara Hamilton, senior, daughter of Tami and Tim Marienau and Monte Hamilton of Indianola

Rowley: Jenalee Grover, junior, daughter of J. Charles and Robin Grover

Rudd: Kimberly Morische, senior, daughter of John and Julie Morische

Sheldon: Kristine Arnold, junior, daughter of Mary K. Arnold; Anne Bomgaars, sophomore, daughter of Gene and Amy Bomgaars; Jill Bomgaars, senior, daughter of Gene and Amy Bomgaars; Mandi Rodger, senior, daughter of Douglas and Juanita Rodger

Sherrill: Benjamin Gansemer, junior, son of Steven and Gina Gansemer

Sibley: Maggie Ernst, senior, daughter of Brian and Sonia Ernst; Rachel Zylstra, senior, daughter of Keith and Victoria Zylstra

Sioux Center: Sarah Kraayenbrink, junior, daughter of Evan and Rachalle Kraayenbrink

Sioux City: Mark Polle, sophomore, son of Dr. Robert and Dixie Polle

Solon: Adam Kucera, first-year, son of Kristopher and Mary Kucera; Rachel Lighty, first-year, daughter of John and Becky Lighty

South Amana: Allison Huedepohl, first-year, daughter of Ralph and Cindy Huedepohl

Spencer: Susannah Gafkjen, junior, daughter of Murray and Karol Gafkjen

St. Ansgar: Benjamin Levinson, senior, son of Dr. Gary Levinson and Jackie Armstrong

St. Lucas: Bethany Schaufenbuel, senior, daughter of Carroll and Ann Schaufenbuel

Stanhope: Laura Sigmund, senior, daughter of Dale and Janet Sigmund

Story City: Shayla Barnes, junior, daughter of Marty Barnes; Danielle Mott, junior, daughter of Paul and Kim Mott; David Nuetzman, senior, son of Dennis and Anita Nuetzman; Regan Schwartz, senior, son of Dr. Kent Schwartz and Dr. Audrey Ricklefs-Schwartz

Sumner: Garrett McGrane, junior, son of Terri Grimes and Robert McGrane; Katelin Ryan, sophomore, daughter of Don and Rob